Art Auction!
Sunday, March 18, 2007 @ 1pm


This coming Sunday, March 18, The lake County Arts Council will
host an auction of Magi's art. Included are 23 pieces, a few of which you can
see below.

The art will be available for view on Saturday from 12 to 3pm as well as
Sunday, auction day, from 12 to 1pm. The auction will start at 1pm.

We've been very hesitant to release any of Magi's artwork.
They remain a family treasure but they are a precious reminder
of her beauty and character. When a chance came to work with the
Lake County Arts Council it felt perfect. A percentage of the proceeds
will go to Lake County Arts Council , a group that Magi worked hard
to create and support.

Check below for more info or get in touch via email.
with the

The Lake County Arts Council - auction page

thanks for the support!


Magi Osborn
all rights reserved..........